Brown Schroeder & Associates


Our Corporate Solutions

For corporate clients, Brown Schroeder & Associates, Inc. offers a variety of human-resource management solutions – from executive search and organizational development to leadership coaching. Any of our core competencies can be combined and customized based on your unique requirements.


Executive Search

Brown Schroeder & Associates conducts executive searches on a global scale, whether your requirements are immediate or part of a long-term growth strategy. Our search expertise focuses on key executive positions, including, but not limited to, president, chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, vice president, general manager and director.

With an acute understanding of your business and development objectives, we deliver qualified candidates whose experience, organizational effectiveness, communications skills and market-sector knowledge meet your requirements. Our solutions include position development and specification, candidate-pool development and recruitment, interviews and reference checks, and selection-process coordination.



Organizational Design and Change Management

Brown Schroeder & Associates can provide organizational design and change management to help transform your corporate and departmental infrastructures so that they operate with greater efficiency and a shared vision. These vital change processes entail organizational reflection, system improvements, planning and self-analysis.

Our expertise and research capabilities in these key areas can help your business to better adapt to emerging market opportunities and new business challenges. Part of the process ensures that our efforts are in line with your current objectives, as well as your short- and long-term corporate growth strategies.



Leadership Coaching and Professional Enrichment

Brown Schroeder & Associates can provide you with leadership coaching services and professional enrichment programs. They are designed to help key executive teams and individuals achieve their goals and maximize corporate strategies by expanding their knowledge base, skill set and personal competencies.

To enhance the performance of individuals or collaborative teams, Brown Schroeder & Associates can conduct a detailed needs-assessment, create relevant content to bring about the desired improvements, and present it through informative group seminars, executive retreats or one-on-one coaching sessions.


Frank Schroeder’s business fluency and skills are indispensable if you are trying to upgrade talent, whether in the search cycle or during the initial on-boarding of a new hire.
— John Bahouth Jr., VP of Human Resources, Hubbell Power Systems