Brown Schroeder & Associates


What clients say about BSA

Having worked with Frank Schroeder for the past four years, I am consistently impressed with his unique ability to see the forest and the trees. His range of business acumen extends from the highly strategic to, when necessary, the very granular. Frank’s business fluency and skills are indispensable if you are trying to upgrade talent, whether in the search cycle or during the initial on-boarding of a new hire. I value his partnership, poise, and professional expertise. They have been of great benefit to me and my company.
— John Bahouth Jr., VP of Human Resources, Hubbell Power Systems

“Frank Schroeder helped us create our overall sales strategy. He consulted with our existing team to formalize an account-mapping strategy designed to maximize opportunities with our existing client relationships. Frank designed the position description for our vice president of sales and handled the recruiting assignment. He is personable, professional and organized, and we value our working relationship with him.”

– Mary Quigg, President and CEO, Vandover

“It was a sincere pleasure to work with Frank Schroeder, who helped us to create leadership development goals at our architectural firm. He worked closely with our senior partners and project managers to provide outstanding management and leadership strategies. The leadership development seminars he provided were also extremely informative and thought-provoking.”

– Tammy Hauer, Chief Financial Officer, Jonathan L. Foote & Associates, Inc.

“Jim brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Patient, thorough, and creative, Jim effectively combined the philosophy and passion for the work, with practical tools and guidelines for identifying and implementing immediate and long-term fundraising strategies.”

– Skye DeLano, Director of Community Resources, Fresh Lifelines for Youth

“Jim is the consummate fundraising professional. He is knowledgeable in all areas of fund development and is a role model in his adherence to the ethical principles and practices mandated by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. I have known Jim for more than 20 years and would recommend him highly to any non-profit organization seeking excellent fundraising counsel.”

– Toni Doyle, Founder, Antoinette Doyle Consulting